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Calculate Customs Duties and Other Applicable Taxes

Smart Customs Duty Calculator. It is an expert system which allows you to calculate customs duties and other applicable taxes, duties etc. interactively and easily when you want to import a product into Turkey.

Content of is an information system which targets to supply companies, persons and others who are interested to invest or do business in and/or with Turkey, with up to date Tariff of Turkey in English. Tariff of Turkey mainly comprises the following:

  1. Tax rates applicable in imports, including
    • Customs tax rates
    • Mass housing fund rates for Fish and fishery products
    • Agricultural component rates for processed agricultural products
    • Additional duties on sugar and flour contents
    • Countervailing charges
    • Value Added Tax rates
    • Special Consumption Tax rates
    • Tariff preferences
  2. Other taxes and similar measures applicable in imports, such as:
    • Anti-dumping taxes
    • Countervailing duties measure
    • Additional obligation charges
    • Import surveillances
  3. Import/Export Formalities, like:
    • Documents, licenses, certificates etc. required for imports/exports
    • Import and export prohibitions and restrictions
    • Quantitative limits, mandatory standards and other limitations
    • incentives, promotions, refunds for export of basic (i.e. non processed) agricultural goods
    • exemptions

Along with tariff of Turkey as outlined above, you can also find up to date translations of main legislations and brief explanations and information regarding foreign trade and investment legislation of Turkey, including:

  • Import Regime
  • Foreign Investments
  • Customs
  • Export Regime
  • Free Zones
  • Standardization
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Turkish Tax System

You may use this link to see the list of Legislation Items which are currently available in

Tariff information is given on Hs Code (Harmonized System Code) basis, which means you can find all tariff information (all applicable taxes and formalities) if you know the customs tariff statistical code (i.e. Hs Code) of the item you wish to import/export. You can easily reach the same information within seconds even if you do not know the Hs Code. gives you extensive search capabilities to find the correct Hs Code and related tariff information.

Another great and unique advantage of is that you can select the country of import, in order to see the tariff applicable for that country.

Along with tariff and legislation information, you can also find extensive useful and timely information regarding foreign trade and doing business in Turkey, including:

  • Harmonized Tariff Search by Alphabetical Index
  • Agricultural Component Rate calculation (i.e. calculation  of additional duties based on sugar and flour contents)
  • International Classification for Standards (ICS) alphabetical index
  • Foreign Currency Rates and Foreign Currency Rate calculator
  • Comprehensive English-Turkish dictionary
  • Useful Addresses and Links
  • Country Groups like (countries that have free trade agreements with Turkey, countries benefiting from General System of Preferences.... etc)
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