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Search: proudly presents Smart Customs Duty Calculator. It is an expert system which allows you to calculate customs duties and other applicable taxes, duties etc. interactively and easily when you want to import a product into Turkey.

All you need to know is the HS Code and amount of the product you want to import, country of origin and CIF/FOB Price. When you input these data into the system, Smart Customs Duty Calculator asks you a few more questions based on your inputs and leads you to a page where you would see

All information relating to customs duties and other applicable taxes
(like VAT, SCT, funds, anti dumping or countervailing duties, etc.)
Summary of measures/legislation that apply to your case
Documents/certificates that are required
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if you are not a subscriber yet!
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Free to use HS Code search engine
Easily find correct tariff classification within Harmonized System, and learn HS Codes of the products you intend to import or export

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