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Communiqué on Commercial Quality Inspection on Export and Import for Certain Agricultural Products (Product Safety and Inspection: 2015/21)

Official Journal Date : 31.12.2014
Official Journal Number : 29222

The purpose of this Communiqué is to regulate the principles of procedures for the risk based inspections of the selected products (laid down in Annex-1 and Annex-2) which are subject to export and import, with regard to their compliance with respect to commercial quality, when it is deemed appropriate.

Commercial quality inspections shall be performed by Group Chairmanships laid down in Annex 3. This Communiqué does not cover food safety controls, whereas it covers the following subjects:

  • Risk Based Control System in Foreign Trade (TAREKS) and the risk analysis
  • Commercial quality inspections
  • Risk Commission (how it is comprised, duties etc.)
  • Sample taking, laboratory analysis, Authorization of laboratories
  • Inspection on export, Rejection of export party, Control Certificate in Export
  • Inspection on import, Rejection of import product
  • Labeling and marking
  • Commission of Experts and Second inspection when a company objects to inspection results
  • Declaration of TAREKS reference number to customs
  • List Of Products That Are Subject To Commercial Quality Inspection According To Turkish Standards
  • Other Products That Are Subject To Commercial Quality Inspection
  • Provincial Directorates and Group Chairmanships of The Ministry of Economy, Codes for Group Chairmanships
  • Application to obtain TAREKS reference number

Attention please: English translation of Annex 1 and Annex 2 are not available at the moment. Hence, the price shown above does not cover English translation of these annexes. Please contact us if you need English translation of said Annexes) (Tariff-TR.com)

Currently, there are 159 different products which are subject to Commercial Quality Inspection according To Turkish Standards (Annex 1), and 12 other products which are subject to Commercial Quality Inspection (Annex 2). Products That Are Subject To Commercial Quality Inspection within the meaning of this Communiqué, fall in the scope of the following headings in Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule:

  • 03.07
  • 04.07
  • 04.09
  • 07.07
  • 07.01
  • 07.02
  • 07.03
  • 07.04
  • 07.05
  • 07.06
  • 07.07
  • 07.08
  • 07.09
  • 07.13
  • 08.08
  • 08.01
  • 08.02
  • 08.03
  • 08.04
  • 08.05
  • 08.06
  • 08.07
  • 08.08
  • 08.09
  • 08.10
  • 08.13
  • 09.10
  • 11.06
  • 12.02
  • 14.04
  • 15.07
  • 15.08
  • 15.09
  • 15.10
  • 15.11
  • 15.12
  • 15.13
  • 15.14
  • 15.15
  • 15.16
  • 20.05
  • 20.08

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