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Terms of Subscription uses the subscription business model and offers its content via daily/monthly/yearly subscription. Subscribers are given a user name and password, which allow them to access to subscribers' only content of during their subscription period. There are different types of subscription models, details of which are laid down below.

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You may use your credit card for on-line subscription or use our bank accounts for money transfer.
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    Subscription Period 1 Day 1 MONTH 1 YEAR
    Subscription Fee Free of Charge 29 EUR/Month 249 EUR/Year
Additional User (Per User) N/A 29 EUR/Month 120 EUR/Year
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  • For residents of Turkey, who do not have VAT exemptions (for instance Embassies and companies in Free Trade Zones have VAT exemptions), 18% VAT will also be added to the fees stated above.

  • If you are going to use money transfer you either use EURO or USD amount specified above based on your choice

  • Delivery Terms: Within a couple of hours after receiving the payment, you will receive a username/password that is to be sent to your e-mail address given to us at your subscription application.

  • Access: 7/24-hours Access to the Tariff-Tr is provided.

  • Full money back guarantee: We offer a full money back guarantee to our first year members. You can cancel your subscription within the first week of your subscription, if you decide that you are not satisfied with what offers you. In that case you can have your full payment back in 7 days after your written statement about termination of your subscription.

  • Security of on-line transactions: Security of on-line transactions is provided via 128 bit SSL encryption by Turkey IsBank. To ensure the maximum security of your account information, Credit card authorization is done through secure pages, provided and managed by Turkey IsBank.

  • LICENSE Agreement and Privacy Policy: You may use these links to see our LICENSE Agreement and Privacy Policy

  • Contact Us: If you have any questions regarding terms of subscription, purchase, usage of the system, etc. please do not hesitate to contact us

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