Applied Tariff Search

In you may perform product based (i.e. HS Code based) search to learn applicable tariff on that product. Applicable Tariff contains the following information:

  1. Tax rates applicable in imports, including 
    • Customs tax rates o Mass housing fund rates for Fish and fishery products
    • Agricultural component rates for processed agricultural products 
    • Additional duties on sugar and flour contents 
    • Countervailing charges 
    • Value Added Tax rates 
    • Special Consumption Tax rates 
    • Tariff preferences

  2. Other taxes and similar measures applicable in imports, such as: 
    • Anti-dumping taxes 
    • Countervailing duties measure 
    • Additional obligation charges 
    • Import surveillances

  3. Import/Export Formalities, like: 
    • Documents, licenses, certificates etc. required for imports/exports 
    • Import and export prohibitions and restrictions 
    • Quantitative limits, mandatory standards and other limitations 
    • incentives, promotions, refunds for export of basic (i.e. non processed) agricultural goods 
    • exemptions

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