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Sectoral Foreign Trade Companies (SFTC) of Turkey

In the 90’s, attention focused on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s). Flexibility and innovative capacity of these kinds of firms offered competitive advantages in context of global challenge. Nearly 99 % percent of industrial companies in Turkey are SME’s. They account for 53 % of employment and 38 % of GNP. These firms respond quickly to structural changes and adapt easily to changing demand.

In order to orientate these firms toward global markets, the Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade created a system known as "Sectoral Foreign Trade Companies (SFTC)". This organizational structure, encourages SME’s in their ambition to open to the outside markets and engage in foreign trade activities. Main element of this new model is to create a framework in which certain numbers of SME’s come together and form a new joint company. Legislation regarding SFTC was put into effect in December 1996.

Under current legislation; each companies share is limited to 10 percent of the total capital of SFTC.

Founders may be granted the status of STFC for if they fulfill the following requirements :

For the Developing Regions, share for each company is limited to 20 percent. Sectoral Foreign Trade Company Status can be obtained if the founders fulfill the requirements below:

Today, 31 SFTC’s are in operational status.

You may follow this link to see the list of companies, which have the "Sectoral Foreign Trade Company” status.

(Source: Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade Web Site)

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